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We dig, buy & sell old bottles




Digging in Virginia City, MT

A bear on the way to go digging


Bale of Hay Saloon Virginia City where even the dogs like to hang out


Bikini weather for digging an outhouse. Veronica wont quit! It was about 100 degrees.


Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul railway X Rare Poison dug in Iowa by Mark Wiseman


Chinese outhouse with many bottles and pottery Ray Thompson


Gabe deep in the oldest hole so far found in the yard


Kennedy's East India Bitters- they drank a whole case of them!


MBCA bottle meeting Virginia City


Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup- known to contain Morphine Ca. 1880.


Night soil! Nice and seedy with the rare Bourbon bottle


The 1868 outhouse had one good broken old label under glass Bourbon. William Frank & Sons glass house. A real crier!


The bone pit! Rock and bone and a little glass after a few days of hard core diggin!


Typical household outhouse trash. House was 1868, the 3 outhouses were all later.


VC Sunset after a long day of digging


Where businesses once stood outside of VC near Alder Gulch -now if we can just uncover the treasure the prospectors left behind