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We dig, buy & sell old bottles




Got Stuff?

We want to buy bottles, trade tokens, casino chips, whiskey jugs, old advertising signs, milk caps, etc. Items for our collections are number one and we pay the most. We also buy for other collectors that we network with and we sell occasionally at bottle shows and need inventory. If you have a collection or a special bottle or other item let us know!

Especially, if you have any items like shown below:

Milk bottles such as these with painted labels circa 1940's - 60's are the latest bottles we seek but only if in great condition. Paying a premium for War slogan milks from Montana.

Embossed milk bottles with names mainly from Western states are collectible too.

Crockery and pottery bottles, and jugs especially with business names on them.

Old porcelain and tin signs. Gas, soda, mining, old roadsides or markers, etc. Circa 1880's to 1960's.

NOT WANTED are plain bottles or screw top bottles.

Montana Club & Casino chips

Butte Montana bottles. Kroger Bros. St. James Hospital. Wm. Wilson Butte City M.T. and Montana Pure Milk. The kind of bottles we like to add to our collection.


Drugstore bottles. A hutch soda. Tall Walker Bros. is a whiskey flask but shaped like a druggist bottle. Gallogly's Pipestone Magnesia- Citrate of Magnesia.

Mrs. Allen's World Hair Restorer in great colors are what we are after.

California blob top sodas circa 1850's to 70 in great colors.

Union Glass Works Phila. manufactured bottles for companies to bottle their soda and mineral throughout the country circa 1855.

Whiskey's, Bitters and Wolfe's Schnapps in beautiful colors.

Color is what collectors like!

Trade tokens good for drinks, etc, from Montana but other states of interest too.

Cardboard milk bottle caps not worth a lot but fun to collect. Circa 1920's to 70's.

Butte hutchinson sodas. The wire stopper had a gasket and kept the soda in the bottle

Montana sodas with the wire stoppers still in place. When the carbonation was released as you pushed the stopper down it would "pop". This is where the term soda pop came from!

J C & Co. pineapple shaped Bitters.


Kelly's old cabin Bitters found in Montana and mining camps - I really want these so find me some.


Barrel shaped Bitters- from various companies. Highly sought but can be found in old barns, cellars, houses, etc. or dug from Outhouses.