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We dig, buy & sell old bottles





Outhouse Patrol members and friends have been very fortunate to dig on a lot of private property in 2009, 10, and 11. We are looking forward to much digging action this year and showing off our new website for 2012. As we dig more we will post pictures. One of the digs we did this spring and summer in Butte Montana was behind old brothel buildings on Mercury St. We will announce a lot more about this in the near future as a documentary movie is being produced and guess who might be playing a part? Reggie and James!

We are also helping with displays and recreating a drugstore, since we have the authentic items that were used right there in these famous late 1800's brothels.

Some old houses and what was once the Montana Hotel was being torn down to make way for condos and over the phone we were granted permission to go dig and have fun. The owner wasn't interested in the bottles- and unfortunately we didn't find a whole lot after months of on and off digging which should of produced more 1880's bottles but they were scarce. We learned a lot digging this site though and had fun with other Montana Bottle Collectors Club members helping out.

Glaze jug


Reese Creek School which we dug the outhouses in Sept. 2011


Half way house for miners in Montana