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We dig, buy & sell old bottles




Digging in Butte, MT

Bottles fresh from a dump North of Butte. What a view from our job site!


Bottles in the ground after 125 Years. Rare green Kroger and aqua Harrington Butte hutches


Kroger Bros Butte Montana Territory in a rare apple green. That made our day, then we found another!


Fresh dug! Montana Bottling Butte, Mon. A territory hutch soda and an old pocket watch.


North Western Butte Mont. And a blob beer in the huge trash pit. Soda was whole beer was broken.


Kids love to dig too. A neighbor kid wanted to help dig and was happy to play in the dirt but he really wanted to run the track hoe. I think we have a new future digger and collector.


James with the North Western hutch soda and a great view of Butte.


Jason and new young digger after some treasure.

Jason with an old blob wine. When the wind blows the ashy trash pit gets a bit rough.


OuthousePatrol track hoe luckily stopped before putting down the blade on this Montana Bottling Butte City hutch which was about 2 inches under the surface!


James & Jason both find great hutches just inches underground right by the road. Why were they there is a mystery still. Kroger Bros. Butte, M.T. the only true territory marked hutch found by Jason.


Old buildings up above Butte. Photo taken Aug of 2011. Recently torn down.


Late 1800's bottles from the Mercury Street brothels. Documentary coming soon!


After hours of digging in the big bone pit Bill finds a nice early pickle jar for his collection.


Bottles from behind a brothel in the red light district downtown Butte from a 2011 dig.


Bull Durham painted advertisement still with great colors up by Walkerville.


Dywayne way down deep in the hole. His first outhouse and we send him down 15 feet!


Early farm near Butte. A great day for pics taking a rest from digging.


Gabe & Veronica getting bottle digging fever.


Just a cool old car pic I took - as it's an old car and I like to take pics! Upon a recent visit the cars are all gone.....


Little Ho and the Big HO behind us.


Mercury Street brothel bottles ca. 1900.


Miners Union Hall 2. Another big pit with lots of broken glass and a few bottles.


NO James don't bite the top off of that great colored Hostetter's.


Pass the bottle is the game we play.


Ray & Bill in another big pit yielding a few older bottles from the Montana Hotel site.


Sparky's Garage a great place for BBQ and Quarry Brewing Co. beer and super ambiance for an old sign collector like James.


The best bottle by far to come out of the bone pit and many days of digging- a Tippecanoe from 1886.


This is the Yankee Doodle Tailings Pond.


The Metals Bank building where we go to unwind and eat at the Sports bar after a good 12 hour day of digging. Not where we deposit our treasure.


View of Butte, MT. The largest living ghost town in the World. Once the richest town. Amazing history and architecture abounds here!