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Digging in Bozeman, MT

Bottles found around the boarding houses and Chinatown. Circa 1885 to 1905.


Closeup of bottles from big downtown brick and glass pit... Circa 1880's to 90's.


Downtown Bozeman. Lots of dirt, little bottles- but the good one might be in the next scoop.


Finally a Hostetter's Stomach Bitters for James collection... 1880's.


I think I see a Hostetter's! What a job getting it out of the roots.


James & KC with matching flasks. A very excited find so we could both add nice bottles to our collections.


Lou comes out to dig and finds bottles instantly every time! And good ones.


Misc. from one of the many outhouses behind the boarding house on Mendenhall.


Montana Bottle Club friends come to the rescue digging a large double outhouse which someone previously only partially dug. Local drug bottles found here.


Montana Bottles found around Bozeman that we are happy to have in our collection.


Pompeian Massage Cream. Needed after digging big 1880 hole with nothing but this and bricks in it.


Reggie & James with a few treasures and lots of broken glass after days of digging in the summer.



Reggie in the hole as Duke the Dane supervises.


Singer Sewing oil bottle, a flask, a Taft Presidential button and some burned coins.


The BONE PIT! An amazing amount of bones throughout which were protecting the many whole bottles.


The first red amber whiskey found in the big dump. The is the explosion site, now rebuilt again as the Rockin R and Santa Fe Reds.


The Rock Island Route Great Chicago and Omaha Short Line. Circa 1900 whiskey flask. Finally something decent after many days of nothing.


Time to divy up a weeks worth of digging.