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We dig, buy & sell old bottles





We are bottle nuts! James has collected since age 10 and avidly digs and searches for rare bottles for his collections. Always looking to buy more bottles and just talk bottles with fellow collectors or people who have an interest in the history or glass who want to learn, or maybe want to start a collection. We are known to invite others to dig with us and partake in the finds- and the work. Using the track hoe though really cuts down on the manual labor. We get leads from others who just want to help us find where bottles might be and this is always appreciated although the sites are usually more modern- but you never know.

Reggie is a research master. You've got to be good at something in life and he gets us information most can only dream about. Putting that information together to good use is also important. We have a number of computer programs that he is rather savvy at. The above along with the gift to gab and I am often amazed what my digging partner and friend can come up with. I would say more but no need to give away too many of our hard earned secrets!

We both greatly enjoy helping others to become interested in the hobby and some days we do more talking than digging. Kids love dirt and so do we! Show a kid how to find treasure in the ground and a natural instinct kicks in to play in the dirt and to find the unknown. When kids stop by to see what we are doing, they often leave with a bottle or two and an education on how to date the bottles by the mold seems and manufacturing methods.

Cobalt Blue - Most peoples favorite color




A window of colorful 1800's demijohn's and utility bottles


Memphis Tennessee soda and drug bottles


Yellow greens hard to find colors