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We dig, buy & sell old bottles




We buy, lease, or contract to search historic sites in search of bottles and other historic artifacts. We use high tech electromagnetic imaging equipment. Together we have decades of experience as bottle diggers and collectors.

We use a "RUNABOUT" electromagnetic imaging device to find small variations in the electromagnetic field of the earth. http://www.accuratelocators.com/BottleFever.html

Objects buried in the ground due to human activity such as brick, pottery shards, iron objects, etc. cause the local magnetic field of the earth to change. Very small changes in this field are easily analyzed by the equipment. The laptop computer displays a 10 color readout. Large iron objects buried such as an old cast iron cook stove would tend to show a red "anomaly" indicating a relatively large variation in the earth's field. Crossing over a long forgotten Chinese opium den or cellar the display would probably show a dark blue indicating a very low magnetic field due to the large void.

With our specially built 8 foot antenna mounted on a vehicle we are able to survey a field at speeds in excess of 20 miles an hour! Or, in more confined areas, the antenna can be pushed with a cart or we use a 3 foot bar we carry like a metal detector. Through this technology and our experience we are able to locate old outhouse pits, wells, and filled in cellars that hold great potential for hiding historic and valuable artifacts. We have even been able to find plastic water pipes and clay tiles used to drain farm land under the highway while driving at speeds in excess of 50 miles an hour!

Livery stables, Saloons, Boarding Houses, Hotels, Fair Grounds, Ferry Landings, Stage Stops, and other high traffic areas are prime spots to search for bottles, jugs, and other items.

If you own such an area, especially in IOWA or MONTANA and the other Western states, please contact us about the possibility of conducting a digging expedition on your historic site.




Mine shaft as found through surveys but no bottles in this one.